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Radon needs to be taken care of immediately.

We locate the best placement for your system
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Radon levels will be reduced below 4 pCi/L Guaranteed
New System Installation
Since we know that radon originates from the soil beneath your home, our job is to use that negative air zone to effectively guide the radon gas to our pipe system and safely to the outside of your house. Our pipe ventilation system will move the radon from the area beneath your home to the outdoors without ever penetrating your living space, keeping you and your loved ones safe.
Existing System Repair
If you already have a system, but you are unable to contact the original contractor or company that installed it under warranty, please give us a call and we will quote you on a system repair or a new system entirely with a warranty provided.
Testing Solutions

Epic Radon will provide an Airchek Short Term Radon Air Test at the end of the radon mitigation system installation to verify that radon levels have been lowered. Check out their trusted test kits by clicking Here

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Epic Radon Solutions is a family-owned and operated Radon Mitigation provider whose team is made up of highly skilled radon professionals that do a high-quality and efficient work.
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